Varieties of Long Stem White Roses

The white rose is a symbol of innocence and pure love, often used in weddings and funerals as an offering of respect and love. Florists and rose exhibitionists use the hybrid tea rose for its long stems and large blooms.

White Success

'White Success' is a hybrid tea rose that produces full double white blooms that have no fragrance, on long stems. Often grown as a florist's rose or exhibition rose, 'White Success' is heat tolerant and does well in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones of 6 and higher. A mature rose shrub of 'White Success' grows to about 3 feet tall.


'Anastasia' is a hybrid tea rose that produces large white blooms on long stems. While 'Anastasia' has no fragrance, its beautiful blooms are crystal white. A mature 'Anastasia' rose bush can grow to 5 feet tall. It is a frequent winner in rose exhibitions across the United States. 'Anastasia' is heat tolerant and grows best in USDA Zones of 5 through 9.

Secret's Out

Introduced in 2010, 'Secret's Out' is a beautiful white rose that forms on long stems and has spicy fragrant blooms. Commonly used as a cut flower in bouquets and arrangements, it is a hybrid tea rose that grows well in USDA Zones 6 through 9. 'Secret's Out' will reach the height of 4 feet tall as a mature shrub.

Polar Star

'Polar Star' has a very mild fragrance and is most often used as an exhibition rose or white florist's flower. It is disease resistant and blooms throughout the season. The shrub will reach heights of about 3 feet when mature. 'Polar Star' is a hybrid tea that grows well in USDA Zones 6 through 9.

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