Ideas for a Single Rose Bouquet

"A rose is a rose is a rose" to quote Gertrude Stein. Yet, every color rose holds a special meaning. Taken individually, a single rose in any color means simplicity or gratitude. The only exception is a single red rose which says "I love you." Imaginative use of floral foliage, fillers and containers turn single rose bouquets into works of art, no matter what color rose is your favorite.

Simple Charm

A single pink rose nestled in the center of a bright white hydrangeas is stunning when cut low to the brim of a short cylinder vase filled with 1 to 2 inches of pink marbles. Use a row of three or five to create a beautiful tablescape for an afternoon luncheon.

Urban Chic

A long-stemmed yellow rose, coupled with two curly willow tips, slides beautifully into an empty wine bottle. Trimming all the foliage from the rose gives you a more contemporary look. These bouquets add a touch of chic to a kitchen counter, snack counter or sideboard.

Country Flair

Small banana leaves or Ti leaves folded in half, framing a single rose that is cut to peek out of hand-painted cup and saucer, gives a country look. Garage sales are a great place to look for cup and saucer sets. At a brunch, every tea cup bouquet will tell a story about your style.

Dramatic Beauty

Imagine the light a submersible LED ice cube can shed on a single long-stemmed white rose. A clear cylinder vase filled with a few inches of crystal fill hides the LED ice cube, while a stem or two of deep green myrtle showcases the rose. Tall, clear water glasses make perfect cylinder vases.

Classic Elegance

A favorite little bud vase is the perfect vessel for a single burgundy rose embellished with baker's fern and a bounty of delicate white baby's breath. On a mantel, nightstand, end table or coffee table; these little bouquets are perfect accessories for any traditional décor.

Floating Splendor

A rose cut to float in water is always beautiful whether it's in an expensive crystal rose bowl or an inexpensive bubble bowl. A few stems of ivy wired to the rose work well for summer, while sprigs of holly turn it into a holiday ornament.

Contemporary Style

Color dominates when a long-stem, bright orange rose pairs with chartreuse green bells of Ireland poking out of purple tinged Ti leaves. A narrow black ceramic vase lets this bouquet brilliantly show off its color.

Foliage Ingenuity

A banana leaf rolled to line a cylinder vase conceals the stem of peach rose while salal, commonly known as lemon leaf, adds contrast as a filler. For a different twist, bear grass works beautifully as a filler that color matches with the banana leaf.

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