How to Water Outdoor Plants When on Vacation


When you go on vacation, you do not want your plants to suffer due to lack of water. Fortunately, you can water your plants while you are gone using a few items that are easy to install. A soaker hose or sprinkler delivers the water to your plants. Soaker hoses have small holes to release water to the roots of your plants. A hose timer used with a hose will control when the water is released to your plants. Hose timers can be set to turn on and off at selected times and for desired durations.

Step 1

Lay out soaker hoses or garden hoses with sprinklers. If using soaker hoses, keep the hose length less than 100 feet and place the hoses approximately 18 inches apart to cover the entire garden bed.

Step 2

Install a hose splitter onto the outdoor faucet. This will allow the faucet to be used for other types of hoses.

Step 3

Install the hose timer onto one end of the hose splitter. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 4

Connect the hose to the hose timer.

Step 5

Test the soaker hoses or sprinklers to determine if they work as desired.

Step 6

Cover the soaker hoses with mulch. If using sprinklers, ensure the planting beds have adequate mulch. This will help retain water.

Step 7

Set the hose timer to the desired watering frequency and duration.

Things You'll Need

  • Soaker hose or garden hose and sprinkler
  • Hose timer
  • Hose splitter
  • Mulch


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