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If you are looking for a plant to fill in some bare spots in the garden, mondo grass might be the answer. Mondo grass, a native to Asia, is not a true grass but a grass-like plant. It's related to liriope, another ornamental grass, and grown for its foliage. This short, compact grass spreads by underground stems and sprouts blooms of lilac or white in summer.

Planting Mondo Grass

Plant mondo grass from mid-spring to early fall in shady or mostly shady areas of the garden. When planting, include a pelleted, time-release fertilizer in the soil. Mulch with a light organic material, such as pine needles or shredded leaves, to keep down the weeds and help retain moisture.

Watering Mondo Grass

Water mondo grass daily during extremely hot weather. Water it once a week during moderate weather.

Controlling Pests

Pick snails by hand, if they are a problem, or try other earth-friendly solutions to get rid of these pests. Place saucers of yeast water or beer in the garden. The snails will crawl in the saucers and drown. Set up a barrier of copper edging as a deterrent. Snails will not climb over copper. Ask at your local garden center about organic slug controls.

Maintenance of Mondo Grass

Cut mondo grass back to a few inches high each spring and place a pelleted time-release fertilizer around each plant; water thoroughly.

Function of Mondo Grass

Mondo grass adds a nice accent to other plants. Try planting it with astible, a flowering tuber, which also loves the shade. Mondo grass also makes an excellent rock garden plant, or plant several as ground cover under a tree.

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