Fast Growing Flower Plants

Flowering plants can be used as borders in gardens or to create exquisite flowerbeds. However, it is not always easy to cultivate a flowering plant. If you want flowers this year, there is no point planting something that only blooms after a few years. The easiest flowers are fast-growing, easy to maintain, have good resistance to diseases, propagate easily and most importantly, produce blooms for long periods to give your garden long-lasting beauty.


Cosmos is a popular flowering plant with feathery foliage and cup- or bowl-shaped flowers in orange, pink, red and white. Cosmos starts producing flowers in approximately 50 to 55 days after the seeds have germinated. The plant requires good sunlight and sandy soil for proper growth. Cosmos are best suited for fences or borders.

Common Snapdragon

Snapdragon is one of the most common flowering plants, providing two-lipped tubular flowers of white, yellow, orange, red and purple. The numerous varieties blooms in summer through autumn. This annual plant requires plenty of sunlight. It should be planted in organic rich soil, and sufficient watering is required during its early growth. This easy-to-cultivate plant is used in flowerbeds or as bordering plants. The flowers are used in dry and fresh arrangements.


Marigold is a fast-growing flower available in annual and perennial varieties. These small, bushy plants have aromatic leaves with yellow or orange flowers. The three types of marigolds are French, African and triploid. Marigolds grow well in sunlight or partial shade and require well-drained soil of moderate fertility. Seeds can be sown in spring or autumn. Marigolds start blooming in 45 to 50 days, and have good resistance to diseases and pests. They serve well as border plants and in flowerbeds, and the flowers can be used in dry and fresh floral arrangements.

Butter Daisy

Butter daisy is a rugged annual plant that thrives in good sunlight and average moisture. The butter daisies are good at withstanding heat and drought. They propagate well on their own and produce yellow flowers in large numbers in 60 days. It is a fast-growing flowering plant and needs little maintenance. Butter daisies are used as border plants and in plant beds.


Sunflowers are tall plants with large flower heads, and have annual and perennial varieties. The flowers bloom in shades of yellow, orange, red, cream, purple and bronze. These tall plants require at least 7 to 8 hours of sunlight daily, and moist soil. Annuals should be sown in late winter and perennials should be sown in spring. The plant produces a bloom in about 70 days after the seeds are sown. Rust, canker and fungal leaf spots may affect the plants. Care should also be taken against caterpillar, beetle and weevil infestations. A sunflower plant is used in border planting, annual beds, cutting gardens and wildlife plantings.

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