The Best Tomatoes to Grow in Connecticut

The hot, humid New England summer weather in Connecticut is ideal for growing tomatoes. The University of Connecticut recommends several types of tomato as ideal for Connecticut gardeners due to the disease resistance displayed by the cultivars, the fruit quality and appearance and its performance in the state's gardens.

Early Girl

As the name indicates, Early Girl is an early-ripening tomato, maturing in 57 to 63 days. The fruits are red and soft when mature. The tomatoes weigh 4 to 6 oz. on average and are globe-shaped and even in size. Early Girl tomatoes are resistant to fusarium and verticilium wilt diseases as well as skin blemishes, making them a good choice for novice gardeners.

Better Boy

Like Early Girl, Better Boy tomatoes are resistant to verticilium and fusarium wilt; they also resist root-knot nematodes. The fruits reach up to 12 oz. in weight and mature in 72 days, according to the University of Illinois. The plants have a high yield of good quality fruits that resist cracking.

Sweet 100

Sweet 100 produces clusters or hands of red cherry tomatoes. Each tomato averages 1 inch or smaller in size. The fruit matures in 70 days and is resistant to verticilium and fusarium wilt. Sweet 100 tomato plants are suitable for container gardening or hanging baskets.

Golden Delight

Developed at South Dakota University, Golden Delight plants bear a yellow fruit 3 inches in diameter. The plants mature in 70 days. The tomatoes may crack somewhat but have a nice flavor, rich gold color and uniform globe shape.

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