How to Grow Pet Grass


Cat grass or pet grass is indeterminate wheatgrass, a type of wheatgrass that offers nutrition and chlorophyll to cats and dogs. This grass is suitable for container growing indoors and outside. When grown organically it offers a safe snack for the cat or dog who chews yard grass. You can plant pet grass from seed at any time of year if you grow it indoors. The seed germinates and grows rapidly, germinating and growing in three days, according to Happy Juicer.

Step 1

Soak pet grass or intermediate wheat grass seeds in a container of water overnight or for eight hours before planting. Drain the seeds and rinse them.

Step 2

Fill a container with organic growing medium. When you use organic you don't expose your pet to pesticides. Use a long tray container or several individual 4-inch pots, depending on how much pet grass you want to grow.

Step 3

Scatter the grass seed over the soil following the spacing instructions on the seed packet. You can plant pet grass quite densely.

Step 4

Cover the seed with 1/2-inch of organic potting mix.

Step 5

Water the tray or pots of planted pet grass seed until the soil becomes moist but does not get sodden. Cover the containers with a plastic bag to keep humidity in, which promotes faster germination.

Step 6

Set the planted trays or pots on a windowsill. Monitor the moisture level daily to ensure the soil is moist but not wet.

Step 7

Remove the plastic bag when the seeds have sprouted. Keep the container on the windowsill until the grass is several inches high. Continue to keep the soil moist but not wet.

Step 8

Once the grass reaches a height of 3 to 4 inches, offer it to your pet or place it on a low table where your pet can help itself.

Things You'll Need

  • Pet grass seed
  • Container
  • Organic potting mix
  • Plastic bag


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