How to Plant Runner Bean Seeds


Runner beans grow long vinelike tendrils that require support, just like pole beans. One common type of runner bean is the scarlet runner, which attracts hummingbirds with its fragrant blossoms and provides visual interest with its lush pink pods. Plant runner beans when frost danger passes for your area; the seeds will not germinate in cold weather. When the bean pods measure 6 to 8 inches in length, they can be harvested by plucking from the vine.

Step 1

Erect a trellis for your runner beans before planting the seeds. Sink two to three pieces of rebar into the soil in the area you intend to plant the beans, spacing the rebar every 2 feet for a 4- or 6-foot row of bean plants. Use rebar that's at least 6 feet tall and sink the bottom 6 inches into the soil. Then string wire netting between the rebar, securing the netting using zip ties. This trellis will support the weight of your runner beans.

Step 2

Dig a 2-inch-deep trench in the soil right in front of your trellis.

Step 3

Sow runner bean seeds in the trench, leaving 9 inches between seeds. Then cover the seeds with soil.

Step 4

Water the newly planted bean seeds until the soil becomes wet but not soggy. Keep the soil moist but not dripping until the seeds germinate.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 rebar poles, 6 feet long
  • Wire netting
  • Zip ties
  • Small shovel
  • Water


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