How to Grow Purple Roses


No matter what type or color a rose is, it still is an excellent addition to any garden or lawn. With their signature fragrance, roses bloom in many popular colors such as reds, yellows, pinks and purples. Purple roses bloom in several different shades of purple--from light purples to deep, almost black, purples. These rose hybrids are rather hardy and are able to stand pests such spider mites and aphids. Purple roses require no more attention than other common roses and, if given the right materials and conditions, can be grown easily.

Step 1

Plant the purple rose bush in an area where it can receive full sun for most of the day. Ensure the area does not pool water, which can increase the risk of root rot and disease. Use a garden shovel to create a planting hole for the rose that is twice the size of the root ball.

Step 2

Water the purple rose as needed to maintain constantly moist soil. The soil around the rose should never be soaked.

Step 3

Apply a layer of chipped mulch to help keep moisture close to the roots of the purple rose. The mulch will not only help the rose retain moisture, but will also aid in keeping down weed growth.

Step 4

Fertilize the purple rose once per month, until the first frost of winter, using a rose fertilizer designed to maintain good rose health. You can purchase a fertilizer designed for roses at your local plant nursery or garden specialty store.

Step 5

Prune the purple rose as needed by pinching away any dead blooms with your fingers. Prune the rose heavily after the rose has entered into dormancy (after the first frost of winter.) Cut back each stem 2 to 3 inches and remove any long, overgrown portions of the rose by cutting them back to the main cane.

Step 6

Place a layer of straw around the base of the rose and on top of the mulch to help insulate it during the winter. The straw can easily be removed and discarded when spring arrives.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Chipped mulch
  • Rose fertilizer
  • Pruning shears
  • Straw


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