Plants for a Patio

Patio plants, when planted with thought and restraint, can create a visually pleasing outdoor space and enhance the décor of the patio. Patios tend to be small and restrictive spaces, so choose plants carefully. Impulsively purchased plants can create an unnecessarily crowded appearance. Patio plants serve similar purposes of décor and privacy, so consider both when choosing and positioning plants for the patio.

Agave Attenuata

Agave Attenuata is a slow-growing succulent that achieves a maximum height and width of around 4 feet. It is a low-maintenance plant that can easily adapt as a patio plant or houseplant. It has broad green fleshy leaves and makes for a very dramatic focal point on the patio. The plant thrives in warm temperatures. It mingles well with other plants but needs good drainage. All these properties make it an excellent patio plant.

Adams Needle

Yucca is a perennial shrub that belongs to the Agave family. Adams Needle is the most popular of the yuccas as a low-maintenance patio plant. Adams Needle plants are used as ornamental plants because of their evergreen, sword-shaped leaves and large white flowers. These plants should be watered extensively in their first season as they establish an extensive root system. Once established, water them at more regular intervals. The Adams Needle is also a hungry plant and can be fed with a general-purpose fertilizer.

Mexican Petunia

Mexican petunias grow as tall stems and bloom continuously throughout the summer. As patio plants, they give an attractive effect when planted along the rear or in the center of an intermingled collection. The Mexican Petunias thrive in full sun and need to be watered regularly, especially in the first season, when the root system is being established. With good and proper care, the petunias will bloom to provide metallic blue backdrop.

Japanese Maple

Purple leaves and a small size make the Japanese Maple ideal as patio plants, potted in containers. In autumn, the leaves are bright apple red in color. The plants are ideal as a focal point on the patio or in small outdoor locations. In high heat conditions, the plants need to be watered regularly. Watering must be heavy during initial root establishment and can be reduced once established. The plant may be pruned in wintertime; pruning is best avoided in springtime and summer.

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