Flowers for Planters

Growing flowers in planters is popular in container gardening. Not only do flower-filled planters have an aesthetic purpose, but using planters also makes it easy to move plants indoors in undesirable weather. Make an arrangement of one flower type or plant a mixture of flowers for an even more interesting arrangement.


According to the University of Minnesota extension, most species of geranium originated in South Africa. Depending on the cultivar, many varieties of geraniums exist with different leaf patterns, flower color and fragrance. The flowers of most geraniums have an unpleasant fragrance, but scented-leaf varieties have many pleasant fragrances including peppermint, rose, lemon and nutmeg. Geraniums grow well outdoors in planters. Plant them in planters with drain holes to prevent moisture from gathering in the bottom. Water them regularly and protect them from damaging wind. Geraniums can be brought indoors during cold weather if they are placed in a sunny spot.


These easy-to-grow plants come in a variety of colors with leaves that are sometimes variegated. Depending on the cultivar, some varieties of nasturtium are compact and some are vines. These flowers are known for their ability to deter pests like whiteflies, cucumber beetles and aphids. They help prevent them from pestering companion plants. Barrel planters work well for growing nasturtiums. For more blooms, fill the planter with a potting medium that is not too rich. Pick the blooms liberally and new ones will grow. Nasturtiums are edible and can be used in many recipes.


Pansy flowers are small, compact plants with colorful blooms. Some are bicolored and have markings that look like a face. These plants are popularly planted singly and in mass plantings. Pansies grow well in planters, especially if the alternative location is in unhealthy garden soil. Fill the planter with rich soil and peat moss or compost. Fertilize the flowers one week after planting.


Vinca vine is a trailing plant that produces blue or periwinkle blooms and works well for planter gardening. It is popularly planted along with other plants and flowers in planters. Fill the planter with moist, well-drained soil and place it in a sunny location. Water vinca when the soil in the planter feels dry.

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