Fast-Growing Indoor Plants

Indoor plants or houseplants are plants that are grown indoors in homes, offices and other enclosed places. The benefits of growing indoor plants are many but they are mainly grown for aesthetic or decorative purposes. Some people also grow indoor plants so there is a natural supply of oxygen within an enclosed space. However, the amount of oxygen produced by indoor plants is minuscule and cannot be relied on. A very wide range of indoor plants are available to suit every taste, purpose, and level of commitment.


Chrysanthemum is an easy to maintain, fast growing, perennial indoor plant that is good for containers. Flowers of chrysanthemum vary in size and color while leaves tend to be dark green in color and fragrant. They grow best in acidic soil; partial sunlight or even a bright window location will suffice for satisfactory growth. Spring is the best time to start growing chrysanthemums. An added benefit is that chrysanthemum is a popular ingredient in Chinese teas, and can be used to treat sore throats and prevent the flu.

Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew, or Tradescantia zebrine, is another fast-growing, perennial plant that is good for growing indoors and suitable for containers. Hanging baskets or similar forms of containers are best for these plants. The plant will train down from the hanging basket and hence it looks best when suspended in the corner of a large room or conference room. The wandering jew grows best in a rich soil that placed away from direct sunlight.

Spider Plant

Spider plant is an excellent indoor plant for places where direct sunlight is not available. It is a fast growing plant, grows well in the shade and is suitable for containers. The plant is easy on the eyes with long leaves complemented well by little white flowers. Spider plant grows easily and with minimal care in moist soil. Spider plants are also very effective at cleaning the air in the room.

Jade Plant

Jade plant is an easy to grow succulent that is excellent as an indoor plant. It is easy to propagate by planting leaves in the soil. The plant requires moderate to bright light and it is advisable to give it at least four hours of direct sunlight everyday. The plant soil must be allowed to become dry in between two waterings. The jade plant requires very little care but over watering is a common reason for its death. The plant is best potted in a large pot as it grows extremely fast and a smaller pot is likely to tip over.

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