Traditional Cottage Garden Plants

Cottage gardens are English in origin, free-form in style, and one of the easiest gardens to grow. They are a potpourri of bushes, flowers and sometimes vegetables. When planting a cottage garden, don't worry about spacing, color or geometry. Plants are placed close together in an asymmetrical style of all colors. Some cottage gardeners enjoy planting heirloom plants only. Many traditional flowers in the cottage garden are easily grown from seed.

Viridiflora Rose

Plant a viridiflora rose. This pink-tinged, green rose dates to 1773. The petals do not develop normally, making it an anomaly your neighbors might want for their cottage gardens. It reblooms rapidly. Plant and prune as you would for modern-day roses.

Variegata di Bologna Rose

Plant this variegated, climbing rose on a fence or trellis. Crimson and pink stripes adorn this rose. It reblooms, but not profusely. Allow it to grow for two-to-three years before pruning. If variegata di Bologna rose is pruned too early in its life, it won't bloom.


Plant cosmos from seed. Traditional cottage garden flowers grow in any kind of soil. Scatter seeds and cover with one-fourth-inch of soil; water with a light spray. Keep moist for germination. Cosmos are available in white, crimson and various shades of pink.

Black-Eyed Susans

Plant black-eyed Susans from seed. Scatter seeds and cover with one-fourth inch of soil. Black-eyed Susans are hardy annuals. Water with a light spray and keep moist during germination.


Plant hollyhock seeds one-fourth inch deep in the ground after the last frost has passed. Hollyhocks are biennials, meaning they bloom the second year after planting. Water hollyhock seeds with a light spray after planting. Keep seeds moist during germination.

Planting Roses

Dig a hole twice the size of the rose root ball. Place the plant in the hole and cover with well-amended soil; water thoroughly.Buy rose fertilizer and follow the directions for frequency of application. You might not find these roses at your garden center, but they can be purchased online.

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