The Best Plants for a Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets add beauty and elegance to any space. Brightly colored blooms or long, trailing vines delight gardeners and passersby alike. Hang baskets on patios, in trees or along walkways, but keep baskets either above or below eye level to avoid any mishaps. Plant seeds or starter plants that thrive in the specific light conditions in your selected area. Keep baskets moist at all times, watering daily if necessary.


Fuchsia, or Lady's Eardrops, comes from the evening primrose family. Plants produce fragrant blooms in shades of white, purple, pink or red depending on the variety. Fuchsia reaches grows up to 2 feet by 3 feet. Hang plants in partial shade and mist foliage twice a day if daytime temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants can be cut back and stored over the winter, though Fuchsia is generally treated as an annual.


Impatiens grows rapidly and does well in hanging baskets. Plants bloom from early summer until fall. Hang in full sun or partial shade, and fertilize every two weeks during the growing season. Varying sizes and colors are available with new varieties introduced every year. An annual when grown outside, impatiens plants may be brought indoors for enjoyment during the winter months.


Petunias make beautiful hanging plants and cut flowers. Choose multiflora petunia varieties which will withstand heavy winds and rains better than grandifloras. Multiflora varieties remain compact and produce more numerous blooms. Hang plants in full sun or light shade. Deadhead old flowers to encourage repeat blooms.

Morning Glory

Morning glory grows briskly and tolerates full sun or light shade. With over 1,000 varieties available, the 'Good Morning' series and 'Mini Bar Rose' make the best hanging plants. Compact in size, these varieties produce beautiful variegated foliage. Morning glory starts easily from seeds and will tolerate less-than-ideal soil conditions.

Moss Rose

Moss rose, or portulaca, tolerates conditions most flowers cannot. Whether full sun or dry conditions, this plant provides a burst of color with its delicate, bright flowers. Colorful blooms open at sunrise and close in the afternoon heat. Moss rose grows at a moderate rate and succumbs to very few pests or diseases.

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