Rex Begonia Varieties

The Rex begonia (Begonia rex-cultorium) is known for its beautiful, textured foliage, making it a popular houseplant. Producing blooms that are less showy than other indoor plants, the Rex begonia is adored by gardeners for its unique leaves. The plants require special care and need a humid environment. Place them in an area that receives good air circulation, away from heat registers. Allow soil to dry before watering. Set plants in indirect light, and keep temperatures around 70° Fahrenheit for best results.

Begonia "Escargot"

As the name implies, begonia "Escargot" exhibits beautiful snail-shaped leaves. Variegated, curled foliage displays colors of burgundy, dark green and silver. Set these plants in partial to full shade. Remove dead leaves and debris promptly to avoid disease. "Escargot" requires minimum maintenance and grows to a size of up to 12 inches wide by 12 inches high.

Begonia "Stained Glass"

The eye-popping burgundy foliage of "Stained Glass" brings a burst of color to any home. This bright-colored red Rex begonia demands attention. It's comparable in size and care requirements to "Escargot." Avoid over-watering and direct sunlight. Stem cuttings propagate to produce new plants within three weeks.

Cissus Discolor

Cissus discolor, or Rex begonia vine, spreads via tendrils. Unique in the Rex begonia group, this cultivar reaches lengths of up to 10 feet when trained to climb. Plants potted in containers remain smaller, with a size typically under 3 feet. Plants showcase heart-shaped, dark green and silver foliage. Cissus discolor's lifespan shortens to that of an annual when grown outside. Planted indoors, it thrives as a perennial.

Begonia "Green Gold"

"Green Gold" bears beautiful leaves of silver with green veining and burgundy edging. Plants grow vigorously, and new foliage opens with a gold hue before turning silver. Avoid heavy fertilizing and overwatering for best plant growth. Brighten up a shady spot with the colorful beauty of "Green Gold."

Begonia "Marmaduke"

"Marmaduke" exhibits a one-of-a-kind foliage of golden leaves with dark chocolate-colored spots. Reaching a size of up to 12 inches by 12 inches, plants fit into almost any space. Keep them in partial to full shade where they receive good air circulation. Mix "Marmaduke" with plants of solid color or yellow blooms for an added spark.

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