How to Dig Up a Rose Bush


Roses are one of the most prized flowers among gardeners everywhere. Rose bushes can complement any landscape and bring their signature fragrance to any lawn. Occasionally, you may want to change your landscaping or just want to move your rose bushes to another location. That will require digging up and transplanting the rose bush. Some gardeners fear that disturbing the roses can be detrimental to their health and just plan their new landscape around them. Effectively digging up a rose bush can be an easy task.

Step 1

Prepare the new planting location (if you are transplanting the rose bush) by ensuring it meets all of the growing expectations of the rose breed.

Step 2

Plan to dig up the rose bush late in the evening or in early morning when the temperatures are not too warm and the sun is not bright. The rose roots will easily dry out in warm, sunny conditions.

Step 3

Water the rose bush one to two days before digging if you are planning to transplant the rose bush. The extra water will help keep the rose bush from wilting during the transplanting process.

Step 4

Dig around the rose bush using a sharp spade. Work your way around the rose bush in a circular motion. Dig around the rose bush one to two feet away, depending upon the size of the rose bush, so as to not cut into the roots more than necessary.

Step 5

Remove the rose bush from its original planting hole carefully and transplant in the new location or discard depending on your landscaping plans.

Tips and Warnings

  • Use gloves when handling the rose bush. The sharp thorns can easily cause an injury.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Spade
  • Water


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