How to Care for a Super Dwarf Banana Plant


Super dwarf banana plants are often grown indoors as container plants, but you can also grow them outside in USDA zones 9 to 11. These plants are easy care for and produce small, sweet bananas. Super dwarf banana plants grow best in well watered soil, and partial sunlight. With the proper growing conditions, super dwarf banana plants can reach a height of 4 to 5 feet.

Step 1

Plant the super dwarf banana plant in an area that receives partial sun throughout the day. If you're growing the plant outside, plant it in an area that is not heavily shaded by other plants and trees. If you're growing it indoors, place the plant close to a window.

Step 2

Grow the dwarf banana plant in loose soil that is made up of peat moss and sand for best growth. The peat moss and sand mixture will retain water, while allowing excess water to drain freely.

Step 3

Water the super dwarf banana plant frequently to ensure the soil is always moist. The key to growing super dwarf banana plants is to keep their planting soil constantly moist but not soaked.

Step 4

Feed the super dwarf banana plant once a month with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer. You can purchase an all-purpose liquid fertilizer at a plant nursery or garden specialty store.

Step 5

Rid the super dwarf banana plant of pest such as insects and spider mites ( a common pest to banana plants) by using an insecticide or pesticide that is not harmful to fruit-bearing trees.

Things You'll Need

  • All-purpose liquid fertilizer
  • Insecticide/pesticide


  • Super Dwarf Banana Tree
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