Plant Care of a Bromeliad


Bromeliad plants make excellent container or garden plants. Their tropical appearance and vivid blooms make them a striking plant. Growing best in warm temperatures and moist soil, bromeliad plants are hardy and stand up to pests and disease well. Bromeliads are generally kept indoors as container plants, and when grown indoors, they require no fertilization or special care, which also makes them a suitable plant for beginner gardeners. With the right conditions these plants are easy to grow and care for.

Step 1

Plant the bromeliad plant into a container filled with peat moss.

Step 2

Place the bromeliad in area that will receive bright, diffused sunlight. These topical plants thrive in the warmth of the sun.

Step 3

Water the bromeliad plant frequently to maintain constantly moist soil. The soil should always be moist to the touch, but never soaked.

Step 4

Fertilize the plant with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer, if desired. Bromeliads do not require fertilization when kept indoors, however there is no harm in fertilizing these plants once or twice a year. Water the terrestrial bromeliads with the fertilizer and fertilize the aerial bromeliads by simply spraying the fertilizer onto the leaves.

Things You'll Need

  • Peat moss


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