What Vegetables to Grow in San Antonio

San Antonio's temperate climate experience high summer temperatures of 85 degrees F and mild winter lows of 50 degrees F. This weather makes for a long growing season for vegetable gardeners. San Antonio gardeners should plant vegetables in full sun and provide plants with water when the soil becomes dry and crumbly.

Lima Beans

Lima beans, sometimes called butter beans, are a staple of Southern cooking and grow well in the San Antonio region. Texas A & M advises planting them from March to late April in San Antonio. Lima beans are kidney-shaped and pale green or cream-colored and grow in pods. The beans mature in 3 to 4 months on average.


San Antonio gardeners can plant cabbage from mid January to mid March. Recommended varieties for San Antonio include Green Boy, Market Prize, Red Acre and Ruby Ball. Cabbage can be eaten either fresh or cooked and provides a high dose of beta-carotene, fiber and vitamin C.


Corn plants perform well in the summer heat. San Antonio gardeners should begin their corn from late February to mid April and can plant Calumet, Captain, Honeycomb, Silver Queen or Country Gentleman. Corn ripens in 65 to 85 days; gardeners can harvest the ears when the corn tassels dry out and turn tan.


Both sweet or bell peppers and hot peppers enjoy the warm San Antonio climate. Texas A & M recommends jalapeno, hidalgo serrano, Hungarian wax and thin cayenne hot peppers; and Big Bertha or TAM Rio Grande Gold sweet peppers. Texas gardeners should plant peppers from transplant (not from seed) from mid March to early May.

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