How to Plant Grass Seed in Utah


Utah's climate varies greatly, with some areas receiving significantly colder winter temperatures than others. Planting the wrong grass that isn't suited to Utah's temperature range can lead to a dead, patchy lawn. Outside Pride recommends Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, zoysia grass and buffalo grass for planting in Utah. Homeowners can plant grass seed either in the fall or in the spring; planting in summer isn't recommended due to the heat.

Step 1

Choose a recommended grass seed for Utah from the lists at Outside Pride and Utah State University. While most grass does best in full sun homeowners with less sun can find grasses that perform well.

Step 2

Remove any objects, such as patio furniture or barbecue equipment, from your lawn. If you don't move them, you'll have patches underneath them without fresh grass seed.

Step 3

Mow an existing lawn as short as possible using a lawnmower to help the new grass seed get started.

Step 4

Rake any bare patches using a small rake. Loosen the top 1/4-inch of soil.

Step 5

Fill in any dips or uneven soil grades with topsoil before seeding the new grass. Apply the topsoil by hand or use a small shovel, then smooth it out so the grade appears even across your whole lawn.

Step 6

Sow the grass seed by hand or with a lawn spreader, applying 16 grass seeds per square inch, suggests Greenview Fertilizer.

Step 7

Cover the seed with 1/4-inch of topsoil or use a grass seed accelerator instead.

Step 8

Moisten the lawn with water until the soil becomes moist but not wet. Continue to keep the soil moist until the grass seed germinates.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawnmower
  • Rake
  • Topsoil
  • Small shovel (optional)
  • Grass seed
  • Lawn spreader (optional)
  • Water


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Who Can Help

  • Utah State University: Grass seed production guide for Utah
  • Outside Pride: Utah grass seed
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