How to Take Care of White Dahlias in a Pot


Dahlias, also known as Dahlia variabilis, make their way into many gardens because of their wide range of styles, heights and colors. Dahlias can be found growing outdoors in flower bed settings, or they can be grown as container plants. White dahlias are a popular pick among dahlia gardeners because of their soft, subtle appearance. Along with the other dahlia color varieties, white dahlias are a great choice for potted plants in and around your home.

Step 1

Fill a medium-sized planting container that has plenty of drainage holes with medium-sized gravel or pebbles, to allow for proper water drainage when watering. One inch of gravel/pebbles in the bottom of the container will do the trick.

Step 2

Add moisture-retaining potting soil on top of the gravel/pebbles. Fill the container with the potting mix, within 1 inch of the top of the planting container.

Step 3

Plant the white dahlia tuber into the potting soil and cover with 4 to 6 inches of potting soil, ensuring that the eye of the white dahlia tuber is pointing upward.

Step 4

Place the planting container in an area that receives full sunlight for at least eight hours a day.

Step 5

Water the white dahlia tuber until the planting soil is thoroughly moist, but not soaked. Water weekly, or when the soil becomes dry to the touch. Keep the potting soil moist at all times for optimal spouting and growth.

Step 6

Fertilize the white dahlia monthly after the dahlia has sprouted. Use a fertilizer that is designed for container plants, or an all-purpose plant food for best results. Apply the fertilizer according to the package instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Medium-sized planting container with drainage holes
  • Gravel or pebbles
  • Moisture retaining potting mix
  • White dahlia tuber
  • Water
  • Container plant food


  • Dahlia: Dahlia Growing Tips
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