How to Trim Weeping Mulberry Trees


The weeping mulberry (Morus alba) features long, draping branches that develop in an umbrella shape. These trees may be fruitless or bear red or white fruits. Both the fruitless and fruiting weeping mulberry benefit from annual pruning for shaping. Prune weeping mulberry trees in either in the fall or the late winter, once frost danger has passed.

Step 1

Check the branches of your weeping mulberry tree for signs of dead, diseased or damaged branches. Dead branches will feel brittle, while diseased and damaged branches will have wounds, scars, discoloration or other physical damage.

Step 2

Clip off the unhealthy or dead wood at its base using lopping shears. Between each cut, sanitize your pruners by spraying them with disinfectant spray to prevent the spread of disease to healthy parts of the tree.

Step 3

Trim back long branches that trail against the ground by snipping them with anvil pruners.

Step 4

Prune away any branches that cross other branches by cutting them off at the base with lopping shears. Cut off any upward-growing branches that don't fit into the weeping pattern. This preserves the elegant shape of your weeping mulberry.

Step 5

Space branches at the top of the tree to promote good air circulation, which will keep your tree healthy. Johnson County Master Gardeners recommends leaving 2 inches between branches at the top of the tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Lopping shears
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Anvil pruners


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