How to Get More Canna Lily Blooms


Grown as an annual in northern climates and a tropical perennial in USDA hardiness zones 8 to 11, the canna lily (Canna sp.) features bright red, yellow or orange blooms and large colorful leaves. The ovoid leaves feature green and purple striations and display the plant's relation to the banana tree. Gardeners can get more canna lily blooms by carefully tending their plants. This maintenance isn't labor-intensive but does need to be performed regularly to maximize the sheer number of canna lily flowers.

Step 1

Wait until a bloom on the canna lily stem begins to wither and a second shoot begins growing just below it. Cut off with garden shears the withering blossom and the part of the stem that bloomed.

Step 2

Allow the second blossom to bloom and enjoy it until it too begins to wither. Cut off the second blossom stem in the same manner as the first one was removed, which will expose a third flower on the canna lily stalk.

Step 3

Strip the spent blossom and part of the stalk from the canna lily continuously. Gardeners can get three to four blooms per stem by following this technique, according to the University of Florida.

Step 4

Cut the stalk back at its base when no more developing flowers are on the stalk to increase the light and nutrients for other stalks in the same cluster. This promotes blooming on other stalks and reduces the competition for resources.

Step 5

Nurture all the canna lily stalks in this manner to enjoy a profusion of blooms.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden scissors


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