Bonsai Tree Tools

Bonsai tools come in different quality grades and price ranges. Before purchasing bonsai tools, take into consideration the size of the bonsai trees you wish to develop. Purchase larger, sturdier tools for larger trees. Although it may seem sensible to economize and purchase inexpensive tools, the cheaper tools do not work well and fail to be a good deal in the end. It is far better to buy a few basic, high-quality tools rather than cheap ones and over time add to your bonsai tool set.

Pruning and Cutting

Narrow bonsai scissors with long handles thin out the top of the tree and cut shoots. Wide-handled scissors work well in cases where the narrow scissors are not strong enough to cut the branches. Thicker branch trimming and removal require the use of a bonsai saw. Concave pliers cut branches that grow close to the trunk. Cuts sustained through concave pliers heal faster than cuts sustained using other tools. Bonsai tweezers young, tender growth, dead foliage and even insects. Root cutting pliers work well on the thick roots of the bonsai tree that grow close to the root ball.


Few bonsai gardeners go very far without the use of wire to shape bonsai trees. Wire trains branches and tree trunks and holds them in position as the wire anchors the branch or trunk to the pot. Angled-head pliers twist wire around the branches and trunk of bonsai trees. Wire cutters come in different sizes: smaller wire cutters clip thin wire, but thicker wire used with larger trees requires the use of large wire cutters. Bonsai wire is an ideal choice for working with bonsai trees. Copper wire, stripped and cleaned makes an acceptable substitute for bonsai wire.


Potting and repotting bonsai trees involves more than simply sticking a tree into a pot and covering the roots with soil. The right tools used correctly help the tree to grow healthy. A pair of all-purpose bonsai scissors for pruning roots and pliers to clip thicker roots that grow close to the root ball help keep the roots in top condition. Plastic mesh placed over the holes in bonsai tree planters lets water drain but helps keep soil from falling out of the pot. A root comb or a chopstick helps separate roots before putting the pot into the soil. A bonsai broom cleans up and smooths out the soil. A watering can with a head that facilitates a fine spray of water provides needed moisture to the soil both when repotting and as the tree continues to grow.

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