How to Plant a Pecan Tree in Mississippi


Native to the United States, pecan trees thrive in Mississippi. The tree's wood can be used for furniture while the nuts are a pantry staple. Pecan trees or pecan hickory trees prefer moist well-drained soils such as those found near a river. Gardeners living near the Mississippi floodplain have the perfect soil for pecan trees. Gardeners in other parts of Mississippi will have to provide additional watering.

Step 1

Choose a site for your pecan tree where it can receive full sun. Mature pecan trees can reach over 100 feet, so choose a location far from any buildings, driveways, walkways or other structures. The trees can be planted in Mississippi from November to February.

Step 2

Check your soil with a pH test kit. Pecan trees prefer a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Most Mississippi soils should fall naturally within this range; however, your soil pH can be lowered with sulfur or raised with lime using the guidelines at The Garden Helper.

Step 3

Dig a hole for your pecan tree that is twice the width of the tree's root ball and only as deep as the root ball. Remove any rocks or weeds from the hole. At the bottom of the hole, jab your shovel into the earth to roughen it up.

Step 4

Remove the pecan sapling from its container by grasping the trunk and pulling upwards. Once you've released the tree, scrunch the root ball between your fingers to break apart the roots, then unwind and untangle any circled or tangled roots. If planted with circled roots, the tree can choke and die. For a bare-root tree, you don't need to unwind roots. Instead soak the tree in a bucket of water for three to six hours before planting.

Step 5

Place the pecan tree in the soil and spread its roots out with your fingers. The tree should be placed at the same depth as it was planted in its container. Check to make sure the tree is vertically straight, then cover the roots with soil until the hole is halfway full.

Step 6

Pour 5 gallons of water into the hole wait until the soil settles. Fill the hole the rest of the way with dirt, then water again until the soil compacts around the tree. Mound the soil around the base of the tree into a basin by creating a high wall of soil that circles the tree trunk.

Step 7

Prune any branches on the pecan tree back to 6 inches just after planting.

Step 8

Water the newly planted tree every week by filling up the basin with water.

Things You'll Need

  • pH test kit
  • Pecan sapling
  • Shovel
  • Water


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Who Can Help

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