How to Repot Dahlias in the Spring


Found in gardens across the United States, dahlias are popular picks among gardeners because of their wide array of color and ability to be planted as container or garden plants. Dahlias are planted in the spring. They bloom from mid-summer until the first hard frost. After the first frost, it's best to remove the flowers from the ground and prepare the ground by tilling for the next planting season. Adding in dahlias is sure to add personality and flair to a garden.

Step 1

Divide the tuberous roots of the dahlia that were saved from the previous fall. Divide the roots after the eyes of the dahlias have sprouted and while they are less than 1 inch tall.

Step 2

Cut the clump of roots into individual tuberous root groupings, with each grouping having one fresh sprout.

Step 3

Fill a 6- to 8-inch pot three-fourths of the way full with moisture-retaining potting soil.

Step 4

Nestle the tuberous root into the potting soil with the sprout facing upward.

Step 5

Finish covering the tuberose roots with potting soil. Do not pack the soil down. Water until the soil is moist to the touch but not soaked. Keep the soil moist until the plant emerges, then water as needed.

Tips and Warnings

  • If the planted sprout is facing down it will not grow.

Things You'll Need

  • 6- to 8-inch planting pots
  • Sharp knife
  • Moisture retaining potting soil
  • Sprouted dahlias


  • Dahlia: Fundamentals of Growing Dahlias
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