How to Maintain Healthy Bermuda Grass & Control Weeds


A healthy Bermuda grass lawn is a beautiful thing. It's the grass of choice on many sports fields and southern lawns due to its disease resistance, drought tolerance and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. To increase the lifespan of your Bermuda lawn, weed it on a regular basis and apply proper amounts of water, nutrients and fertilizer.

Step 1

Aerating the lawn in early spring is a critical step to maintaining a healthy Bermuda lawn. Aeration helps prevent soil compaction and provides an improved means for oxygen, nutrients and moisture to penetrate into the soil more readily. Moreover, weeds tend to thrive in compacted soil.

Step 2

Have your soil analyzed by your local university extension office. Feed the lawn following the intervals and amounts of lawn fertilizer as detailed in the soil sample results.

Step 3

Apply a preemergent herbicide in early spring before weeds begin to germinate. March 15th is a common date used for planning purposes. Pendimethalin and Oxadiazon are two preemergent herbicides that perform well if applied before weeds germinate.

Step 4

Begin an irrigation schedule based on the lawns needs. Allow the lawn to establish itself without watering it in the spring in order to promote a deeper root growth and improve drought resistance. Spread out times between watering as much as possible. Water the lawn deep so that it soaks into the soil.

Step 5

Apply a top coat of compost or high-quality topsoil in areas where your lawn may be having trouble catching on. The healthier and thicker the lawn becomes, the harder it will be for weeds to compete.

Tips and Warnings

  • Children and small animals should be kept away from areas treated with fertilizer or herbicides for at least 24 hours.

Things You'll Need

  • Aerator
  • Fertilizer
  • Herbicide
  • Water


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