How to Protect a Large Cherry Tree From Birds


Growing a fruit-producing crop, such as the cherry tree, is a rewarding experience. Proper care will provide you with baskets of fresh sun-ripened cherries. Pests such as birds and squirrels play a large role in the destruction of your fruit. Birds find great joy, along with other pests, in snacking on warm, fresh cherries. By following these few steps, provide proper protection for your cherry tree and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Step 1

Measure the cherry tree to determine its height and circumference. Both of these measurements will be required to fully and effectively provide ample protection.

Step 2

Purchase a protective net designed especially for trees. These nets are designed with fruit producing trees in mind. They gently drape over the branches of the trees keeping pests such as birds and squirrels away from your fruit. Tree protection nets can be purchased at a garden specialty store, or from an online retailer.

Step 3

Place a ladder on both sides of the tree you wish to protect. Open the netting and lay it flat on the ground beneath the tree and behind the two ladders.

Step 4

Grasp the netting, both you and your partner, and begin climbing the ladders slowly. Ensure that as you and your partner ascend, the netting is not getting caught on the lower branches of the tree. Continue this process until the entire tree is covered.

Step 5

Secure the protection net according to the instructions that came from the retailer. The net will need to be secured so that it does not blow off of the tree during heavy winds.

Things You'll Need

  • Bird netting
  • Partner
  • Two ladders
  • Measuring tape


  • Tree & Garden Netting
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