How to Care for Lucky Plants


Lucky plants can be found in homes around the world. Also known as lucky bamboo, these plants will fit any decor. Lucky plants can be purchased from some department stores and many garden specialty stores. When purchased from the store, lucky plants come ready for your home, in a planting container, filled with small rocks or decorative pebbles and tied together in decorative arrangements. Lucky plants are easy to grow and maintain, but they do require some attention to grow their best.

Step 1

Place the lucky plant's growing container in an area in your home that stays warm and receives little sunlight. Direct sunlight can sometimes harm the plant, so avoid placing the plant in areas such as windows. Ideally, place the plant in an area where the temperature remains between 65 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Ensure the planting container stays filled with filtered water. Proper water content is important when growing lucky plants. Remove the plant from its container weekly. Wash the container and gravel thoroughly. Place the lucky plant back into its planting container and fill with fresh filtered water or rainwater.

Step 3

Feed the lucky plant once every two to three months with aquatic plant food to ensure the plant receives important nutrients. Lucky plants can grow without being fed aquatic plant food, but it is wise to keep the nutrients high for optimal growth.

Step 4

Prune the lucky plant as desired using sharp pruning shears. Some lucky plant growers report the plant becoming top heavy with new growth. If this occurs, prune away the unwanted growth just above the leaf graft, or 1 to 2 inches from the main stalk. Although not required, brushing the area where the cut was made with plain paraffin wax will help seal off the raw area.

Things You'll Need

  • Established lucky plant
  • Rain water (filtered tap water)
  • Aquatic plant food
  • Pruning shears (optional)


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