How to Plant Fig Trees in Florida


Florida gardeners can plant most fig trees, though the humidity of the Florida climate may exacerbate fruit splitting, insect problems and disease. To ensure the fig tree's success, Florida gardeners must provide winter cold protection for the fig tree, prune the tree annually and plant a suitable fig variety in a good location. Planting the fig tree the right way gives it a good start at adapting and thriving in its environment.

Step 1

Choose a location for your fig tree that will provide at least six hours of sunlight. Figs can grow in nearly any soil but need to be situated at least 3 to 4 feet away from the side of the house. Wait for an overcast day to plant your fig tree in Florida. Bare-root fig trees should be planted in Florida from December to February, while container figs can be planted at any time except during the hot summer.

Step 2

Remove a bare-root fig tree from its packaging and soak the fig plant in water for at least three to six hours prior to planting. If you're planting a container fig, skip this step.

Step 3

Using a shovel, prepare a hole for your fig tree that is just as deep and twice as wide as the fig tree's root ball. Remove any rocks or sticks from the site. Then jab your shovel at the bottom of the hole to loosen the soil.

Step 4

Pull a container fig tree out of its container by grasping the roots. Then spread apart the roots with your fingers. Gently unwind any tangled roots or roots that have become circled. If you plant a fig tree with circled roots, the tree could choke and die. Bare-root trees do not have tangled, messy roots.

Step 5

Place the fig tree in the hole at the same depth as it was planted in the container. Check that the tree is vertically straight. Fill in the hole with soil.

Step 6

Water the newly planted fig tree to compress the soil. Add water until the soil becomes saturated.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Fig tree, container or bare-root
  • Water


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