The Best Flowers for Pots

Potted flowers can be found almost everywhere, from indoors to porches, patios and garden areas. Planting in pots makes growing and cultivating plants a possibility for most people, especially those with limited space or a limited ability to work in a traditional garden.


According to the Texas Cooperative extension, pansies are most popular for their ease of growth. Relatives of the medicinal viola plant, pansies have colorful, scented flowers that are edible. Their blooms range in color and include every shade of the rainbow, including orange, blue, purple, yellow and red. The blooms may be all one color or a mixture of different shades on the same blossom. Pansies are compact plants that usually do not grow to be more than 9 inches tall and wide. Plant pansies in fertilized potting media and water them thoroughly. Take care to water at the base of the plant and avoid getting the leaves and flowers wet. Wet flowers and foliage can encourage disease. Overall, pansies are generally disease-free plants.


According to the University of Minnesota extension, there are hundreds of varieties of petunias which are classified into four categories. Spreading petunias belong in the ground cover category. Compact, small flowering varieties are classified into the milliflora and multiflora categories. The most popular potted varieties, large flowering, cascading and mounding petunias, are classified into the grandiflora category. These petunias are perfect for pots with flowers emerging in a range of colors including pink, red, purple and white. The blooms have a soft, light fragrance. When properly cared for, they will bloom all summer long. For the most flowers, place potted petunias in areas of full and direct sunlight. Use a well-drained potting media and fertilize the plants every seven to 14 days, depending on the cultivar. Potted petunias require weekly watering. Deadhead them to encourage an abundant bloom supply and to keep the plant from looking scraggly.


According to the University of Vermont extension, nasturtiums are old-fashioned flowers that are making a comeback. They are popular in hanging baskets and as patio plants. They bloom abundantly and their colorful flowers are daintily scented. Nasturtiums flower most abundantly when planted in sandy soil and placed in a location where they can receive full sun. These plants are fast growers, so plant nasturtiums in early spring and they will bloom until fall.

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