The Best Plants for a Water Pond

A water pond is attractive due to the fish and other wildlife that can live there. In addition to wildlife, there are many plants that are beautiful and help the pond ecosystem thrive. Most water plants require full sun, but some can live well in shade. Whether the water pond has been built for enjoying fish or soothing sounds, there are many types of aquatic plants available.

Comanche Water Lily

The Comanche Water Lily has yellow flowers that turn bronze. The leaves start out bronze and turn green. This plant is hardy in zones three to 11. Although it likes full sun for up to six hours per day, this plant will grow in a shady water pond. The Comanche Water Lily spreads to 4 to 5 feet in diameter.

Butterfly Fern

Butterfly Fern, or Salvinia rotundifolia, is a floating plant that is hardy in zones seven to 10. This plant makes a good treat for fish. The medium green leaves are small and round.

Louisianna Iris

The Louisianna Iris is a tall flowering plant that grows up to 36 inches tall. The flowers can be blue, dark purple, red or white. This plant blooms in the spring and thrives in full sun to partial shade. The leaves are long, like spikes.

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