Common Succulent House Plants

If you have a bright, sunny location and a tendency to forget to water your plants, succulents are great plants to have around your home. All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti, according to the University of Illinois Extension. Many garden centers sell common succulent houseplants that will grow well in your home with little care.

Mammillaria Cactus

Also called the pincushion, according to the University of Illinois Extension, the Mammillaria cactus is one of the most commonly sold. They are easily grown and produce white to pink flowers in a circle around the top of the plant, even when young. Common names for Mammillaria include: birdnest cactus, old lady cactus, owl's eyes and feather cactus.


The Notocactus is another easy-to-grow, reliable cactus that blooms at a young age. According to the Cactus and Succulent Society, the notocactus is a great plant for the beginner because it needs more water than some cacti, and a big problem with beginners is watering too much. The notocactus blooms in summer, unlike other cacti that need cold temperatures and long, dark nights to bloom. Popular names for the notocactus include: Sun Cap, Silver Bell and Scarlet Ball.


Aeoniums are succulent plants that grow in the shape of flat pinwheels. They generally grow in the winter, according to the University of Illinois Extension, but sometimes change to summer growing if indoors. They can be silver, bronze or green in color.


Aloe is a cactus that grows with long leaves and small spiny edges along the length of the leaves. Aloe is easy to grow and only needs to be watered once a week, according to Windowsill Cactus. There are many varieties of aloe to choose from that don't always need to be in full sun.

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