Lily Flower Types

According to the University of Minnesota, lilies are classified into nine divisions, each one specific to the characteristics of particular lily species. Asiatic lilies have the largest range of colors and are among the easiest to grow. They are a hardy breed that will grow just about anywhere. Oriental lilies are quite popular. Their large, scented blooms make them an easy favorite.

Stargazer Lily

Named for their large, sky-facing flowers, stargazer lilies are the most admired of all Oriental varieties. The tall stems of these lilies produce pink blooms with white outlining and magenta freckles. Because of their height and large blooms, stargazer lilies are popular in border gardens. Their straight, sturdy stems make them popular in the cut flower industry as well. According to Iowa State University, these flowers grow best when planted where they can receive full sunlight. Plant bulbs in the fall or early summer. Bury them 4 to 6 inches deep in groups of three to five in well-drained soil. Space them 8 to 12 inches apart. To support the load of heavy, fragrant blooms, stake them when they grow to be a foot tall. Rabbits tend to enjoy munching on stargazer bulbs, so plant them in a mix of other types of flowers.

Michigan Lily

This breed of Asiatic lily produces flowering stalks that can grow to be 5 feet tall. They bloom for about a month during midsummer. The flowers are bright orange with dark freckles called bulbils. Michigan lilies are not scented. They grow best when planted in a sunny location with rich soil. Although Michigan lilies typically prefer moist soil, an older, established plant may tolerate drought conditions.

Dawn Star Lily

This Asiatic hybrid boasts flowers in soft white with bright yellow centers, and foliage that remains green all summer long. They typically reach about 30 inches in height and are considered fast growers. Dawn star lilies are especially popular in mass gardens, but blend well into most types of gardens and landscape schemes. Plant these lilies in areas of full sun to partial shade. They are not particular about soil conditions, but will not tolerate waterlogged soil. When cared for under the proper conditions, dawn star lilies can give color to your garden for up to 10 years.

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