Low Maintenance Potted Plants

Potted plants are a popular way to add plant life to almost any location. Pots can be placed indoors and on porches, decks and patios. Potted plants are an alternative to conventional gardening, which is especially useful when there is limited space. Low maintenance potted plants also make growing plants and flowers an easy option for the busy gardener.

Hens and Chickens

Hens and chickens plant, scientifically named Echeveria, is a very low-maintenance potted plant. Depending upon which cultivar you choose, hen and chicken's chunky, succulent leaves range in colors and can be green, gray, blue, and even purple. This plant's name comes from the main large rosette (hen) and the several miniature rosettes (chickens) coming off of it. Hens and chickens plant is hardy and will spread on its own. According to the University of Iowa extension, hens and chickens plant is a desert type and needs to be placed in a sunny location. The succulent nature of this plant allows it to store water, and it prefers a mostly dry soil. Water it when the soil is dry, and wait until it dries again before giving it more water. Cover your hens and chickens plant or move it indoors during cold weather.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another low-maintenance potted plant. It grows tall, green, succulent stalks with white dots or dashes. Some aloe vera plants produce bright coral blooms, usually when they are older and well established. According to the University of Arizona cooperative extension, aloe vera is hardy and can survive even harsh desert conditions. It is native of warm, sunny climates, so place the potted plant in direct sunlight. Aloe vera stores moisture in its succulent leaves, so it does not need to be watered very often. Water it when the soil feels completely dry, and water it next when the soil feels dry again. Move your aloe vera plant indoors during winter weather.


Aspidistra is a perennial evergreen and is very low-maintenance when potted. According to the University of Florida extension, this plant is known for its survivability in less than desirable conditions, including insufficient water and lack of sunlight. Aspidistra may have spotted or striped foliage, depending on the cultivar that you choose. This plant is hardy and some species may survive cold weather conditions. Other types may be moved indoors for protection during winter.

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