Types of Flowers That Grow in Australia

Australia is home to many types of trees, shrubs, flowers and ground covers. Many types of native flowers grow abundantly in Australia's various climates and soil conditions. Although some types of flowers thrive in the desolate outback, many varieties flourish along Australia's coastal areas. Australian gardeners include several types of flowers to provide colorful beauty in landscapes and flower gardens.


The bottlebrush plant (Callistemon) grows naturally along the southwest coast of Australia. These interesting flowers line the entire eastern coastline of Australia. Bottlebrush plants prefer moist soil, growing abundantly along creek beds and flooded areas of the country. These flowers thrive in area gardens that contain average soil. Plants grown in full sun produce many attractive blossoms. In place of petals, the bottlebrush produces filaments along tall stocks, creating the appearance of a bottlebrush. Normally yellow or red, these blossoms attract many area birds and insects. These birds and bugs feed on the nectar of these showy blossoms.

Kangaroo Paw

The red and green kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos manglesii) holds the title of Western Australia's floral emblem. The red and green kangaroo paw is one of 12 species of kangaroo paw. These flowers grow mainly in a small area along the southwestern section of Australia. The kangaroo paw forms a small- to medium-sized shrub when mature. Although these perennial plants return year after year, the blossoms tend to deteriorate after the second year of growth. Many Australian gardeners treat this plant as a biennial in their landscapes. Cut blossoms retain their shape and color for many days, making the kangaroo paw a suitable selection for vases.


Various types of bougainvilleas grow in maintained Australian gardens. Attractive bougainvilleas enhance the grounds of the Northern Territory's Government House. Two dwarf cultivars add colorful grandeur in this garden's exquisite landscape. Bougainvilleas prefer slightly dry soil and often suffer in areas prone to dampness. These flowering plants require regular pruning to maintain a small size and uniform shape. Full sun and consistent applications of fertilizer encourage the formation of attractive blossoms on bougainvillea plants.

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