Flowers in Season in the Spring

After winter ends, every gardener's step is a bit quicker, anticipating the arrival of spring. And there are so many spring flowers to choose from, it's easy to get a little extravagant--and ring up the cash register at the garden store. Luckily, if you planted your bulbs last fall, part of the garden is already taken care of. Before you know it, the daffodils will be in bloom, signaling the official start of the spring gardening season.


The tulip is a perennial plant with over 150 species. This gives you, the gardener, lots of choices as far as size and color of flowers. The tulip's palette is amazing, blooming in varying shades of pink, white, purple, green, orange and yellow. Tulips thrive in full sun, unless you live in a warmer area, then provide them with some afternoon shade. Plant tulip bulbs in October or November in sandy soil and you'll have a garden full of color in the spring.


When you see daffodils in bloom you know it won't be long until everything else flowers as well. Plant the daffodil bulb in either a shady or sunny spot, at least 3 weeks before the soil freezes to allow them to get some roots growing before it gets too cold. They will die down after blooming and you can just snip the old growth off close to the ground.


Iris is another plant that will bloom in all the colors we tend to associate with spring: yellow, lavender, pink, purple and many other colors, depending upon cultivar. All varieties of iris require full sun and need to be planted in July through September to allow the roots to become established prior to the cold weather. Iris makes excellent cut flowers for a spring bouquet.

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