How to Harvest Pear Trees


Pear trees grow best in full sun. These fruit trees come in several different varieties. They are easy to grow, produce fruit at around 5 years of age and can live more than 60 years. Their basic needs are a lot of sun and thorough watering. Pruning these trees is beneficial as it increases sunlight penetration, thereby increasing the quality of the fruit. Pruning also allows easier access for harvesting. Pears, unlike most fruits, should be harvested before they are ripe and should be left to ripen in a cool place where temperatures average between 65 and 70 degrees.

Step 1

Determine which pears are ready for picking by looking at color and how they feel to the touch. Pears should not be harvested when they are ripe, but when they begin to change from deep green to yellow green. They should be firm, not soft.

Step 2

Harvest the pear fruit by lifting each pear and twisting slightly to release it from the branch.

Step 3

Handle the pear carefully so as not to bruise the fruit. Do not place pears on top of each other, but lay them side by side in a container.

Step 4

Place pears on the counter to ripen. Pears should ripen in seven to 10 days. Pears may also be ripened in a plastic or brown paper bag.

Step 5

Place pears that you will not use after the seven to 10 days--but that you plan to use in the next one to three months--in the refrigerator.

Step 6

Freeze or can excess pears that you are not able to use within three months.

Things You'll Need

  • Wide container
  • Ladder


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