How to Cut Grape Vines


Grape vines can be a nice addition to the garden as a clinging vine or for decoration over a gazebo or archway. As nice as they are for decoration, grape vines have a tendency to outgrow their welcome. Over time they become widespread and heavy, and if they spread to trees or other plants, they can cause damage. Controlling grape vines through cutting is a good method of keeping your garden under control.

Step 1

Remove any dead vines. If you are interested in grape production, remove vines that are not producing.

Step 2

Find the trunk of your grape vines and determine which vines are new. Choose two to four of the best-looking new vines; keep these and remove the rest.

Step 3

Cut all the other vines from the trunk. If you wish to have some shorter vines for decoration, keep those as well, but consider weight distribution throughout the grapevine.

Step 4

Cut a grapevine at 4 to 5 feet, or shoulder height, for any grape vines that you wish to remove entirely. Cut the vine again at the bottom, as close to the ground as possible, then treat the area with a herbicide such as RoundUp or Weedone.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you have cane vines, such as Thompson seedless, leave long vines to get the best fruit production.

Things You'll Need

  • Shears
  • Leather gloves
  • Safety glasses


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