How to Reproduce Aloe Plants


Aloe plants come from the succulent family of plants and grow outdoors in semitropical regions where no chance of freezing temperatures exists. Fortunately, they make easy-to-care-for houseplants. They are valued for their medicinal qualities as well as their attractive and distinctive look. They can also be propagated or reproduced easily through separating the young plants or pups that are produced around the outer edge of the older plant. A few simple steps will separate and start new plants for your plant collection or to give away.

Propagating Aloe Plants

Step 1

Spread several sheets of newspaper over work surface. Place the potted aloe plant gently on its side. Tap the sides of pot gently to loosen soil from inside. Slide plant with root ball and soil out of pot.

Step 2

Pull gently on pups or young shoots growing near the base of the plant to loosen from around the outer edge of aloe plant. Keep roots of pups intact as much as possible. Set aside all the pups including any pieces that may have snapped off without roots.

Step 3

Return the mother plant to its original flower pot and set upright. Add water, if necessary, and return to its original space, preferably in a sunny location.

Step 4

Fill enough small flower pots with soil to accommodate all the pups being planted. Set one aloe pup with roots intact in each pot and gently cover roots with potting soil.

Step 5

Set the broken pieces aside to harden off for several days. Set one broken piece in each pot filled with soil once the raw edge has dried and hardened. Press soil up against aloe piece all around to hold it upright in soil.

Step 6

Add a small amount of water to each pot. Place plants in a sunny location. Water lightly only when soil is completely dry to the touch.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid overwatering as Aloe plants store water in their leaves and roots. Do not keep Aloe plants in shaded places as they need as much sun as possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Potted aloe plant
  • Flowerpots
  • Sandy potting soil
  • Newspaper
  • Water


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