Ideas for Outdoor Garden Edging

Garden beds require a great deal of preparation and maintenance. To prepare an area for a garden bed, a gardener has to clear the land and remove all of the grass from the bed area. Once a garden bed is established, grass from the lawn tries to grow back into the bed. Savvy gardeners prevent grass from growing into the garden with all types of garden edging.


Bricks provide a decorative border for garden beds. Bricks are lain in a variety of ways. On their sides, bricks create a low ridge between grass and garden. Bricks laid flat create a flat, seamless transition from grass to garden. For an angular look, stand bricks upright, leaning slightly to one side. Lay the next one in the same fashion. The effect is almost like fallen dominoes.


Mulch prevents the growth of weeds and grass. Used as a garden border, mulch prevents grass from traveling into the garden. The area is first cleared of grass with a hoe or trencher, then covered with mulch. Mulch comes in a variety of colors, to suit every home and garden.


Pebbles are used in the same way that mulch is used. The area is first prepared by removing grass from the edging area. Pebbles are poured onto the cleared area. Pebbles come in several sized and colors. Choose one that complements your home's exterior.

Wood Posts

Wood posts lend an air of simplicity to a home garden. Landscaping posts are available in any home improvement store. Posts can be lain on their sides as-is, or cut with a miter saw to create curves.

Metal Borders

Metal garden borders are made of steel or steel alloys. Metal borders are typically packaged as coils, which have to be unwound and spiked into the ground. Using metal border requires a lot of repeated work, because they may rust within five years, leaving rusty rough edges along the tops. If you have children or pets that play in the yard, this is not a wise choice unless you plan to replace the borders before they rust away.

Recycled Rubber or Plastic

An alternative to metal coiled garden border is a similar border made of recycled rubber or plastic. Recycled borders are installed with spikes in the same way that metal borders are installed. Recycled plastic and rubber last longer than metal, however, which makes the garden more attractive and saves money in the long run.

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