How to Plant Ivy Ground Cover


Ivy ground cover is useful in areas where other plants or grass cannot thrive, such as steep slopes. It can also be placed in mass plantings in very shady areas of your landscape. The dark green leaves provide good contrast to other plants and grass. Ivy thrives in many climates and soil types, in sun or shade. It survives with very little maintenance and can spreads to cover lots of ground.

Step 1

Cut pieces from another ivy plant, or buy plants that are already rooted. If you decide to use cuttings, make them 12 to 18 inches long.

Step 2

Dig holes for your ivy ground cover 4 to 6 inches deep and 12 inches apart.

Step 3

Place an ivy root ball in each hole, and cover it with soil. If you use cuttings, place the end of one cutting in each hole. Press down soil to remove air pockets.

Step 4

Lay down 3 inches of hay or other mulch around the base of each ivy ground cover plants. This will help retain soil moisture.

Step 5

Water your ivy regularly the first few weeks after planting. Water until moist to the touch, keeping the soil moist but not soggy.

Step 6

Apply 1 lb. of 8-8-8 fertilizer to the soil four to six weeks after planting.

Things You'll Need

  • Ivy plants or cuttings
  • Small shovel
  • Hay or other mulch
  • Fertilizer
  • Pruning shears


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