Backyard and Patio Landscape Ideas

Spruce up your backyard space and patio to create your own private retreat. A patio surrounded with lush flowers and plantings makes for a relaxing space. Add a trickling water feature or birdbath among the patio space to listen to while relaxing after a long day. They are the perfect combination of classic design and soothing function. Enjoy being surrounded by a colorful and vibrant landscape.

Perennial Border

Create a perennial border around the backyard patio for a colorful contrast to the space. Grow low-growing sedum plants to creep around the patio and flower border. Sedum is a perennial plant that keeps the design looking fresh throughout the summer months. Mix in ornamental grasses for texture and height. Ornamental grasses such as blue fescue and fountain grass are extremely hardy perennials that are drought-resistant. The draping foliage of the ornamental grass looks lovely cascading around the patio space or tucked along a backyard pergola. Add color to the perennial border using bright coneflowers. These purplish pink flowers fill out the landscape with their mound-like structure. Coneflowers are also tough perennials that withstand minimal amounts of water, making them a summer favorite. Around the patio, tuck in ground covers like moss or thyme. These grow well in between brick or slate cracks to add contrast to the patio. When walking by, the scent of the thyme permeates the air and stirs the senses.

Water Fountain

Nestle a fountain inside the backyard space to create a calming and serene focal point. Water features are made in a wide range of sizes and colors to fit among a small patio or nestled in a larger backyard space. Choose a fountain that fits the size of the space and style of the home for a well-balanced design. For a modern style, think about choosing an abstract-shaped fountain or a simple container fountain, depending on the existing outdoor palette. For added texture and vibrancy, grow water-loving plants like ferns around the base of the fountain. Water features also attract colorful butterflies and songbirds, so have fun watching these beauties drink from the fountain.

Colorful Containers

Freshen up the patio space with flower-filled containers. Containers work well in any sized space and are ideal in smaller patios where the soil space is limited. With containers you can create bold designs using colorful perennial blooms like zinnias and black-eyed Susan's. Mix in evergreen plants like juniper for bright green foliage all year round. Evergreens like dwarf cedar trees look lovely nestled within a container flanked around the patio door for a grand entrance and exit. Containers look brilliant situated within a backyard garden for added color and surprise. Echo the flowers found in the garden in the container for a seamless design. To bring in privacy to a patio space, plant a taller plant like a ficus tree or Japanese maple. Both add beauty with their colorful foliage.

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