Organic Pesticides for Roses

Organic pesticides are safer for you, your family and pets, and they help protect the natural ecosystem in your garden. You may not want Japanese beetles on your rose bushes, but you likely do want lady bugs and lacewings, which are beneficial. Chemical pesticides can kill the bad bugs, but they also can kill the good bugs that help your garden by eating many of the pests you don't want, while leaving your plants in tact.


Neem-Away is a natural and organic pesticide that is formulated by Garden's Alive to be used in rose gardening. Neem-Away is designed for use against Japanese beetles, which are commonly found on rose bushes. In other types of gardening, this product will protect your plants from insects more common to them such as Mexican bean beetles and cabbageworms. According to Garden's Alive, the active ingredient in Neem-Away is the extract of the neem-tree seed, "which has been used for centuries for highly effective insecticidal purposes." This product works in three different and synergistic ways, first by repelling the insects, then by suppressing the appetite of the pests, and finally by interfering with the pest's hormonal balance so it can't move on to the phase of reproduction.

Pyola Insect Spray

The beauty of Pyola is that it's just canola oil with pyrethins. It's an insect spray made from plants in order to protect plants. This spray works on contact to kill a many pests and can be used in rose gardening. Here are just a few of the rose bush pests that Pyola eradicates: aphids, sawflies, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, and leafrollers. According to, "Pyola is a broad-spectrum spray that combines pyrethrin, a long-popular insecticide derived from pyrethrum flowers, with canola oil extracted from rapeseed. Unlike most pesticides, it controls all stages of the insect's life cycle, including eggs."

Oil-Away Supreme Insecticidal Oil

Oil-Away Supreme insecticidal oil is an organic pesticide that is safe to spray on rose bushes. It works on the principle of suffocation rather than poisoning. This is of benefit because pests cannot develop a resistance to it, as is often the case with poisons. This spray oil is safe and effective for long periods of time and won't harm the environment. According to the creator of this product, Garden's Alive, "Oil Away Supreme is made from cottonseed oil that's extracted the old-fashioned way--by squeezing or pressing. No chemical solvents, normally used in the commercial extraction process, are used."

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