Instructions for Using a Landscape Rake


A landscaping rake is a pull-behind attachment for use with a lawn-sized tractor or all-terrain vehicle (ATV). The rake is useful for large landscaping projects such as re-seeding your lawn, collecting vegetative trash in furrows or any project that you might use a garden rake for. As with all complex machinery, a landscaping rake should be inspected before each use to ensure that all parts are in working order in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. A basic working knowledge of the operation and safety procedures for a lawn-sized tractor or ATV is a prerequisite for using a landscaping rake.

Step 1

Read and understand all manufacturer's warnings and safety precautions before operating the landscape rake.

Step 2

Connect the rake to the lawn tractor or ATV by lining up the rake's hitch with the tractor's or ATV's hitch and sliding the connecting pin in place.

Step 3

Remove any large rocks, roots and limbs from the land you will be raking to prevent overloading rake tines.

Step 4

Stand beside the rake with your feet clear of the tines. Grip the adjustment bar that is located at the top of the rake and pull forward on the handle. Remove the transport lock pin, and slowly ease handle backward to lower tines to the ground. Grasp the end of the rope that is attached to the handle.

Step 5

Climb into the tractor or ATV driver's seat and direct the vehicle over the area of ground that you wish to rake.

Step 6

As you turn your vehicle, pull on the rope attached to the handle to lift the rake tines. Release the tension in the rope to return the tines to their operating position.

Step 7

Remove any large rocks, roots or limbs that collect in your rake to avoid breaking rake tines.

Step 8

Return rake tines to their transport position and place the lock pin in place to transport the rake.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn tractor or ATV
  • Manufacturer's literature


  • ATV or Garden Tractor Landscape Rake
  • Modern Rock-Landscape Rake Operator's Manual
  • Cammond: Operation and Service Manual for Landscape Rakes

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