Top Tomato Varieties

Ask any tomato enthusiast to name the top varieties of tomatoes, and she will likely reply with her own personal favorites. Around a thousand different varieties of tomatoes exist, each with a different taste and texture that makes it the favorite of many tomato growers worldwide. Many tomato-tasting contests are held each year to try to determine the top tomato varieties.

Black Plum

Black Plum tomatoes were voted the best-tasting tomato in a Los Angeles county tomato-tasting event called Tomatomania in 2002. Black Plum tomato plants hail from Russia, so they grow well in cold environments. This variety grows lots of oblong, deep red tomatoes, each about 2 to 3 inches in length. The sweet, tangy fruit makes this variety of tomato simply delectable. Black Plum tomatoes are tasty in sauces and soups, and they make a delicious addition to burgers and sandwiches.


Runner-up to the Black Plum in the 2002 Tomatomania contest, Carbon tomatoes are a black variety that grows well even in areas of excessive rainfall. Carbon tomatoes are not completely black, but are among the darkest. They have deep purplish-brown skins and dark red inner fruit. These tomatoes are flattish, round and smooth, and resistant to the blemishing and cracking that tends to afflict other varieties of black tomatoes. Carbon tomato plants grow medium to large fruit that can weigh 8 to 12 oz. They have a sweet, rich flavor that makes them excellent in soups.

Sweet Olive

Voted the third-best-tasting tomato in the 2002 Tomatomania contest, Sweet Olive tomatoes are a relatively new hybrid. This is an easy-to-grow variety of grape tomato with bright red flesh and a sweet and tart taste. Perfect for snacking, these bite-sized tomatoes are bursting with flavor.

Sun Gold

Sun Gold tomatoes were voted the fourth-best-tasting tomato in the 2002 Tomatomania event. This variety is a type of cherry tomato that produces fruit well in both warm and cold weather conditions. Sun Gold tomato plants vigorously produce juicy, fruity tomatoes that remain golden even at the peak of ripeness. The unusual color of this tomato makes it an instant favorite for many tomato lovers. Sun Gold tomatoes usually weigh in at around 1/2 oz. each. These tomatoes are great for snacking right off the vine, and are delicious when tossed with other tomatoes in a salad.

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