Corner Fencing for a Garden


Corner fencing makes a garden look neat, sets it apart from other landscape features and adds a decorative element to your yard. You can combine it with a border fence or have it on its own. Vinyl corner fences come in a range of styles from the traditional picket fence to wood grain. Steel corner fences mimic the look of wrought iron in your garden. Corner fencing comes in packages that suit nearly any garden size or shape.


Polyvinyl doesn't warp, need painting or rot and often comes with a 20-year warranty. Available in a range of picket fence and Cape Cod styles, the posts and rails are wide and sturdy. They fit together easily. Vinyl corner fencing sits on top of flat ground or you can sink the posts a few inches into the ground for greater stability.

Coated Steel

Powder-coated steel corner fencing looks like a wrought-iron fence. Because it's made of steel, this fencing is long-lasting and has more weight and stability than vinyl. The powder coating is durable and doesn't fade or peel. Assembly is easy. On some models, panels fit together, while on others, you bolt panels. Tap the decorative finials on top of the posts into place with a rubber hammer.

Custom Fitting

Combine corner fencing to fit the size of any flat space. Kits come in standard sizes. Four of them can enclose a garden area 8 feet by 8 feet. You can use corner fencing to cover a garden shed or conceal a composting area. Combined with low edging, it can border a large garden. Corner fence models more than 5 feet high conceal a garden or provide security. Some steel corner fencing comes with a swivel corner post you can adjust to any angle. Slide the line posts into slots in the panels and set the fence at the angle you need. Stabilize the posts by pushing them into the ground with your foot.


Corner fencing gets its stability from solid rails connected to each post. Once locked together, they support each other. The corner and side posts are wide and stable when set on a flat surface. If you need more stability because of unlevel ground or high winds, bury the posts a few inches into the ground.

Special Features

Corner fencing can come with its own solar lantern to light a path or highlight plants. Light a dark corner without running electrical wires with a wooden picket-style corner fence. Kits come with corner shelves where you can set a flowering plant or a glass of lemonade.

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