Poplar Tree Bark Removal


Poplar (populus) is a deciduous tree exhibiting an extravagant show of fall colors. Europeans use the bark to create tanning acid for leathers. These trees are among the largest in North America. The average trunk width for the poplar is 5 feet around. They reach massive heights up to 150 feet tall.


Popular trees yield between 4 to 10 tons of paper annually per planted acre, according to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Paper manufacturers can take the bark of this tree to produce very thin paper. According to historical records, the bark of this tree was made into the canvas on which Leonardo DaVinci created the Mona Lisa. Many types of woodworking projects use poplar bark strips. Poplar pulp makes copious quantities of paper. Bark near the tree trunk is a source of medicinal teas and home remedies.


Poplar tree bark provides several medicinal qualities for users seeking holistic remedies to common ailments.The bark contains anti-inflammatory properties, advises David Parke. For example, arthritis suffers may benefit from these properties to reduce pain and discomfort. It is also believed that the poplar bark provides relief for stomach upset, heartburn and indigestion. According to Herbs200, the common dosage is a couple of teaspoons of white popular bark steeped in 1 cup of hot water to use a medicinal tea.


The bark of a poplar tree is very distinguishable and easy to identify. It grows in rectangular layers. These layers form on top of each other. They are gray and white. Use a sharp, sterile blade to cut the top 1/2-inch layer of the bark to remove it for use.

Time Frame

Preventing tree damage is important for poplar tree bark removal. Avoid cutting too deeply into the tree. All trees require a layer of bark for trunk protection. Only cut or remove bark while the tree is ready for new growth in the spring.

Dried Bark

Allow fallen or cut poplar trees to completely dry. The bark layers will dry as well. Simply pull, cut and pick the bark off to retrieve the desired amount. The bark should come off the tree in long strips.

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