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Tractors play a large role in farming, providing a large portion of the muscle that farmers need to pull various implements, such as rotary cutters. One brand of tractors with a lot of power and durability is the Long tractor. Long tractors are mostly known for being compact, which makes it easier for farmers to store the tractors and also maneuver them around tight areas, such as between crop rows. They are just over 9 feet long and are about 64 inches wide.


Long tractors have short, two-cylinder engines, which give the tractor power while still maintaining a relatively compact size. The horsepower of these tractors is around 24, and the engine has a speed of 2400 RPM. Some Long tractors are water-cooled, while others rely heavily on lubrication. These Long tractors have spin-on disposable filters. They often have thermostarter systems that help farmers start the engine up during cool mornings. Long tractors have speeds that vary. They can have about six forward speeds and two backward speeds. Some of the newer models have eight-speed forward transmission. The transmission is partially synchronized and dual range. The tractors have auto-locking shift levers.


These tractors brake using dry-contacting brake pads that are found around a drum that is mounted directly to the axle shaft. Sometimes, the brakes are locked together so that the operator can use them simultaneously; other times, they lock individually.

Hydraulic Pumps

Long tractors have hydraulic pumps, which help reduce friction within the tractor system, though tractors that have received damage over time can leak out the hydraulic fluids. These tractors can lift around 2,660 lbs.


Normally, Long tractors have manual steering. However, some Long tractors have hydrostatic power steering. However, the owner must request that the factory manually install the power steering system. Other Long tractors have power steering as a standard feature.

Metal Sheets

Many Long tractors are covered with metal sheets, which are durable and also look appealing. The lower grille, side panels and fuel tank cover often have sheet metal.


Long tractors sometimes come with extra features such as hand and foot throttles, wheel spacers and headlights. Although headlights seem essential on most vehicles, farmers and other professionals sometimes perform their work only during the daytime. Some of the larger Long tractors have heavier-duty batteries.

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