How to Use a Tree Pruner

Using a tree pruner is easy. Climbing up a ladder with a tree pruner is a little more difficult. Practicing safety and using precautions enables anyone the ability to use a tree pruner, providing they are strong enough to carry one and mature enough to use one. Hiring a professional tree pruner is always an option, but why pay someone your hard-earned money to do a job you can do yourself.


Step 1

Take a look at the trees you will be pruning prior to pruning anything. Make sure you have a visual image of how you want the trees to look before you start cutting branches. Once a branch is cut, you cannot reattach it.

Step 2

Take the tree pruner and lift it up to the branch you want to cut. If you are using pruning shears, open and close them like a pair of scissors. Pole tree pruners are used a bit differently.

Step 3

Lift the pole tree pruner up to the branch. The blade is housed in a hook and is attached to a rope. Pull the rope and it cuts the branch. Make sure your blade is sharp. If the blade is dull, the cut will be jagged instead of smooth.

Step 4

Prune the branch inside the node if you want a shorter branch. Prune the branch outside the node for a longer branch. For larger branches, don't cut to close to the tree when pruning. The tree will heal itself quicker if there is more branch remaining.

Step 5

Prune trees in winter or early spring when all the leaves have fallen off the tree. It is easier to see the shape of the tree without all the foliage.

Step 6

Be safe. Never stand underneath the tree while cutting heavy branches and wear gloves to protect your hands.

Tips and Warnings

Pruning shears are great for smaller more narrow branches. Use a pole tree pruner for higher branches. Pole pruners mean never climbing up a ladder. Whenever you use any type of tree trimming equipment, always wear eye protection. If you are standing on a ladder in order to reach high branches, tie the ladder to a stationary object. This ensures better safety.

Things You'll Need

Ladder, Tree pruner

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